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MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society


Teaching Associate



History of medicine and the life sciences since 1800, especially obstetrics, midwifery and childbirth; public health and welfare; reproductive technologies; histories of pregnancy, embryo and fetus; histories of anatomy, anatomical museums and dissection; histories of food, nutrition and consumer activism; histories of risk and risk reduction in medicine and healthcare; medicine on film and television.

I started my career as a research associate on the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award on Generation to Reproduction. I have recently completed my first book on obstetrics, teratology and the early history of antenatal care in Britain c.1900. I have edited (with Angela Davis) a special issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences on 'Transforming Pregnancy Since 1900' (2014). This thematizes changes in the experience and management of pregnancy across the whole twentieth century.

My current research examines the history of folic acid as a technology of pregnancy, with its implications beyond reproduction for the globalization of biomedical knowledge, the management of risk and the role of consumer activism in shaping public health policy.

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Salim Al-Gailani


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