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Students have access to a large number of libraries whilst studying in Cambridge, including their own College, the main University Library (the UL) and many department and faculty libraries. The Cambridge Libraries Gateway is a good starting point for for information on library locations and opening times, how to use the libraries and their facilities, and how to search for books, journals, and other resources.

Of particular interest will be College libraries, the University Library, and the three libraries of the departments involved in teaching this course.

Faculty and departmental libraries hold tours and inductions to their collections and facilities at the start of term, and the UL runs introductory sessions throughout the year. Attendance is recommended as these sessions give students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the libraries, register, and meet the staff.

More information is available at the beginning of the year.

Examples of past work

This course is running for the first time in 2017-18 and there are no examples of past work from before this date. However, students may consult past coursework from the departments involved in the course's teaching. The department libraries can provide help and advice on this.


You have access to computing facilities in all three departments. For more information on available resources, see the links below: