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Current Students

These pages contain information and advice for current students taking the MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society. You can find more information on the topics below, as well as links to the course moodle site and the timetable.

For information on applying to this course please see our prospective student pages.

Student Registry

The Student Registry has administrative responsibility for graduate students. You are advised to make yourself familiar with the information on its Cambridge students website, including the Code of Practice for Master's Students.


You should use CamSIS for administrative tasks such as updating your personal data (address, phone number etc.) and reading your supervision reports.

Programme Specification, 2018-19

Staff overview

You will be introduced to many of the staff involved in teaching and convening the course at the induction meeting in early October, and have regular contact with them throughout the year.

Course managers

MPhil Manager 2018-19: Professor Tim Lewens

Subject Managers 2018-19:

  • History of Medicine: Dr Mary Brazelton (M & L); Salim Al-Gailani (E)
  • Medical Anthropology: Dr Maryon McDonald
  • Medical Sociology: Dr Robert Pralat
  • Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine: Professor Tim Lewens

The MPhil Manager takes responsibility for day-to-day oversight of the course and liaison with staff and students. You will also be paired with a Subject Manager, who will support you in formulating a programme of study for the year. You will have regular contact with the course managers, to allow you to discuss your plans and progress, and to receive help and advice as needed.


You will have supervisors for each piece of work you complete, whose role is to help you do the research and writing needed. They do not grade your work; your submitted essays and dissertation will be examined by others, and your supervisor for any one piece of work is never allowed to examine it too. Your supervisors can see you on a regular basis, but it is up to you to work with them to schedule these meetings according to your needs. As a rule of thumb, you can expect two hours of one-to-one supervision for each essay, and four hours for the dissertation.

If problems arise with research or supervision, you can talk to your supervisors, Subject Manager, the MPhil Manager, or your College Graduate Tutor.