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All Staff

Dr Brendan Burchell
Quantitative methods in the social sciences; the effects of labour market experiences on psychological wellbeing; employment and unemployment
Dr Katie Dow
Reproduction, gender, kinship, parenting, ethics, environment, medicine, technology and food
Professor Sarah Franklin
'New kinship studies': the social study of new reproductive technologies; the cultural analysis of bioscience, biomedicine and biotechnology
Dr Stuart Hogarth
Science; technology; biomedical innovation; political economy of diagnostic innovation
Dr Maria Iacovou
Family relationships; intra-household relationships; parenting and child development; quantitative research methods
Dr Karen Jent
Gender, science, medicine, technology, body, nature and feminist theory
Dr Noemie Merleau-Ponty
Bioscientific practices in research facilities and hospitals related to human reproduction and health
Dr Robert Pralat
Sexuality, health, family and gender
Dr Marcin Smietana
Transnational surrogacy, assisted reproduction, gay parenting, family & kinship, the body and reproductive justice, science & technology, biopolitics.
Dr Lucy van de Wiel
Social and cultural analysis of assisted reproductive technologies
Dr Darin Weinberg
Social theory; sociology of science; sociology of health and illness; qualitative research methodologies