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MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society


Teaching Associate

I am a philosopher of science whose current research programme is concerned with how uses of socially-salient concepts (like race and gender) in empirical research have had downstream effects upon medical interventions, biological classification, the social sciences (writ large), and public policy. My philosophical work is historically informed and empirically oriented, and is deeply committed to utilising examples and cases that span history and geopolitical contexts.

Research interests

General philosophy of science (including natural kinds), philosophy of biology (biological populations, biological individuals), philosophy of the social sciences (including sociology, demography, general methodological questions, measurement of socially-salient categories, epistemology of social-scientific instruments), race and gender in science (especially biology, biomedicine, public health, epidemiology, and the social sciences), values in science, political philosophy as connected to history and philosophy of science.

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Michael Diamond-Hunter


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