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MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society


Professor in Philosophy of Science



I study how scientists navigate morally charged and complex phenomena and the role of formal tools such as models and indicators in their scholarly and public work. Since 2018 I am the Principal Investigator on Expertise Under Pressure project at the Centre for Humanities and Social Change. In 2015-2018 I co-directed, with Stephen John, the Limits of the Numerical project; here is a recording of a talk I gave on this topic. I served as a Programme Director in Philosophy and Ethics of AI at the Leverhulme Centre for Future of Intelligence, where I worked on the this report for the Nuffield Foundation.

Before coming to Cambridge I taught at the University of Missouri St Louis, Washington University in St Louis, and received my PhD in Philosophy and Science Studies at the University of California San Diego. I am fellow of King's College where I direct studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

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Philosophy of social science; values and objectivity in science; evidence-based policy; methodology of modeling; philosophy of economics and of psychology; explanation; well-being in ethics and political philosophy; measurement and quantification; mental health; expertise and automation in social science and policy.

Anna Alexandrova


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