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The admissions process is dealt with centrally by the Graduate Admissions Office (GAO). The GAO website contains detailed information about the process, and queries about the application system should be directed to the GAO team. For information about word limits in the Applicant Portal, please see here


How to Apply

i. Two academic references

ii. A transcript

iii. Evidence of Competence in English (if English is not the first language)

iv. Statement of interests: A statement of interests, of about 600 words, should indicate which subject areas you would pursue in the MPhil. Please tell us about possible essay and dissertation topics you might pursue on the course, why you are interested in them, and some preliminary ideas about how you might carry them out. We will not treat the statement as a formal proposal but it will help us understand your motivations for taking the MPhil and how well prepared you are for graduate-level research. You may also include a preliminary PhD research proposal if you are planning to continue to the PhD after completing the MPhil course. The statement of interests should be uploaded as a supporting document.

v. Sample of work: applicants should submit one or more examples of written work, such as an essay or dissertation, in areas relevant to the course. An essay written specially for the Cambridge application is acceptable, but this should be indicated if it is the case. The writing samples must be entirely the applicant's own work, fully referenced and in English. There is no word limit.

vi. Personal reference: This is only required if you are applying for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. 

Please see here for further details about how to apply.



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